Monday, July 19, 2010

My elevator pitch...

It's time for me to answer the 31 Days to a Build a Better Blog Sits Problogger Challenge question. I joined this challenge in order to help me move my blogs along at a better pace. I've got a lot to say and can't wait to share it all. But for this challenge I need to develop a small tagline, my pitch and then an even longer one. I'm so excited about this exercise for this blog because I hadn't even put an about section together for this blog and it's been kind of inactive for far too long. So now it's off to the races to share with you what I do and how I'll be bringing you the information via my blog.


Providing information that will help you get from writer to author


Sharing information on what it takes to take your writing to the next level. Information for writers of nonfiction, fiction and poetry.


I have written for several different online magazines and websites and now I'm finishing up my first book. What better way than to share what I know than right here on truthfully speaking. Through my writing we will have a more personable approach. I want to give you real situations and present truths as I've seen the. The added benefit of this is to show you through example ways to help maneuver through the process of becoming a published author. My purpose is to help you help yourself. Together we can accomplish anything.

This is Tomica giving you the truth as I know it and if I don't know, I'll find out!

This is what I've come up with for what will be happening on this blog. Tell me what you think?

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