Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The many different writing styles and my take on just a few.

I love to read/write both fiction and nonfiction. I like to write fiction because it takes you away. It's like your own reality, you get to create anything. It's a freedom that doesn't otherwise exist. I also like when others read my stories and tell me that they can relate. I've been told too, that I write about things that could happen to anyone. I must say that I also like to keep a little truth in my fiction.

I've never written a fantasy or science fiction story. But they do seem to be popular. Many writers are getting notoriety from these books. Most recently Twilight and let's not forget one of my favorites Lord of the Rings. I can't seem to write these types of stories, I don't think my creativity extends that far.

Then there's the romance genre and some of my favorite authors from Terri McMillan to Nora Roberts. I'm crazy for a romance any day. I can't leave out historical romance and all the dukes that are outsmarted or outwitted by their counterparts. They take me away every time. It's just something about the regency era that I've grown to like a lot. Now a good mystery always get's me to edge of my seat. There are quite a few I've read more than once.

Let's not forget nonfiction. I like to write/read this because we all need a dose of the truth. I have seven children and love to share. I also am a fan of baby books and parenting. This is what I write, more specifically it's about childbirth right now. It's something close to my heart. I have an untold story that'll be shared with the world once I'm published (nothing like being positive).

 What's your favorite fiction book? Do you have a favorite author?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Dream

Like most bloggers I want to be a writer or rather an author. A writer can be described as one who writes, so for me all bloggers are writers. But can I call myself an author, no because I'm not published. Though I have written stories on FB and had numerous followers. I also have had my own online column and my own byline on two different websites.

I usually tell people I'm a finance writer by career and just an all around writer by passion. My career worked out differently than I thought it would. From the time I was in seventh grade and went to visit "The Cleveland Plain Dealer" I knew I would work as a writer there and carry my own column. The closest I got was working in their credit union as a bank teller.

At 19 I was working with numbers, even in high school I had accounting/finance classes. I'm considered gifted with numbers hence working as an accountant and tax preparer for over 17 years. I began to hate seeing numbers. I mean really "HATE" them.

So last August pregnant with my 7th child I told my husband that I was quitting my job to work from home and write. Finally it was my time to pursue my dream and spend more time with our children.

Well it's been harder than I thought because it's nonfiction. You need to have an established platform and marketing plan before you even start to write. I'm finding this part a bit daunting. But I refuse to give up. I do work while I'm at home as a writer but again it's all business related, plus I have a part time job working at home.

So I rarely sleep between the kids,  work and getting things in order to make my book successful. I want these kids to know that you never give up on something you really want (long as it's legal).

But I need help getting organized and getting those goals down. I'm not as orderly as I'd like to be as I know this will help streamline things.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


How much should you count on your friends? I have a gripe and since it's opinion post day I'm letting it out.

Definition of friend: One of affection and trust...

How is it that I can have all these friends and none, I mean "NONE" have supported either my blogs or contributed to my book.  I don't get it, I have been there every time I've gotten a phone call or request and I don't ask for much. But how hard is it to click join and see what it's all about or to answer a few questions for my book. 

I may have many flaws but not being there for them isn't one. I'm there and they know this but is it so hard to return the favor this once. They tell me they will get to it, or I can count on them. 

  • I'm still counting...............
If they ask me for something, they can count on me but it's not reciprocated and I'm a little offended. I try to act like it's not bothering me but you know what it is and I'm not happy. I've gotten over 50 strangers or people I've just met to contribute and share their information for my book. But I can't get the five closest people to me besides my immediate family to share. It's not right. 

What I've learned though is that when you work from home people don't take you seriously. 



Monday, August 2, 2010

So you wanna write a nonfiction book...What's the first step?


This should be your first step. I said this before in an earlier post "Build your name before you publish a book" it's very important to know and understand everything when you're writing nonfiction. Becoming an expert can only add to your credibility. Even if you've worked in the field for a period of time you still should research your subject. 

As suggested in "On Writing Well" you can never know to much. Visit your libraries and find out what they keep on the shelves, buy magazines, books and everything as related to your subject. Make sure you know your competition. See what they're doing and how you can contribute. 

I agree with the suggestions made in this book. I also believe you should use the internet and see what's out there. Become familiar with people who may ultimately read your books and join forums, message groups and anything you can so that you are gaining possible readers or even information to help with your book.  

Interview other experts, seek input and/or ask a family member. You should have someone you can ask how they feel about your idea. Become friends with your librarian, they have research tools and databases available. The more you know the better you'll be able to cover your subject.