Saturday, October 9, 2010

Social Media Helps Business Growth

Small business has gained a competitive edge in reaching customers by using social media. Effective management of social media offers an inexpensive way to engage with potential customers. Businesses are able to increase visibility of their services and products through low-cost or no-cost channels. 
The massive growth of social media has aided businesses in tapping into unknown markets. They are able to conduct online research and solicit customer opinions. Marketing through social media is time consuming, but it's beneficial to business success. 
Customers want to feel connected to companies without being spammed. The following social media tips help to streamline customer interaction build online business relationships.
Know your customer
Research where to find your customers. Discover what works out best online. There are many different social media platforms, use them to locate your customers. Don't wait for the customers to find you, find them first. Listen to the customer this will help you gain more inside knowledge of likes and dislikes.
Educate yourself on social media tools
There are many social platforms, it's important to know how each of them works. Find out their benefits and how they can help grow your business. Facebook allows you to build a fan page where potential customers can "like" your page and interact with the business. Twitter is a way to market free to your followers and drive traffic to your website. Blogging offer credibility to your business and is another way to speak personally to your customers. There are many other social media tools available, research and find what works best for your business. 
Have a personal touch
With social media customers expect a personal touch. They want to connect personally. This is an opportunity to showcase your business more intimately. The customer signs up to follow, because they want to know not only more about the business but the person behind the business.
Giveaways and promotions
Customers like to enter contests and win free stuff. Promotions or giveaways will help drive potential customers to your website. This is also a way to build a contact database. If it's managed correctly they can increase your online business visibility.
Time management and scheduling will help streamline the time you put into creating a social media presence. Develop a strategy and start engaging customers online. With effort and time, you should begin to see the benefits of your online social media online presence.

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