Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day Four - When You're Away

Learning to prioritize when you're away is a challenge. When you go on a vacation you take time out to plan that trip. Do the same with the work you leave behind? Don't panic but prioritize. Make lists or piles and label according to importance.

It can be as easy as printing out your To-Do and breaking it up into smaller segments. Create lists and put the in order of importance, for instance,  Urgent, today, tomorrow, wait to next week and so on. Do only what has to be completed while you're away. The work will still be there when you return. Remember to avoid panicking and stressing yourself out.

You can also use Outlook to prioritize your tasks. A function in their tasks allows for you to color coordinate your schedule, and it helps with grouping your workload. You can update tasks for completion or percent of work finished. The tutorial below will help you get started with Outlook.

Stay on track with Outlook tasks

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