Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day Two: Stop Waiting For Perfection

Are you still procrastinating? What could you have done differently? Where is room for improvement? How much time did you spend on any one task? 

The picture says it all. Not only that but it takes up so much of our time just to try and get to a place unreachable. Managing your time appropriately doesn't mean that you have to rush and end up with substandard results. Stop harping over whether it's done right, if you've checked and checked again, then most likely you're fine. Have someone else look over your work if you're still doubtful. But don't spend your day going over the same work only to realize that you've waisted valuable time.

It's easy to get caught up doing one thing because you're not sure it's right. Sometimes you have to set your current task aside and work on something else or take a break. However, "DO NOT" let it consume you. Learn to move on to something else. 

Answer these questions:

  1. Are you guilty of finishing your work at the last minute or leaving it for another day?
  2. Have you set up a time to schedule or plan your day?
  3. From the activity yesterday can you figure out how much time you spend on various tasks throughout the day?
  4. How often were you interrupted?
  5. How do you deal with unexpected events?
  6. Are the interruptions keeping you from completing your work?
  7. Do you find yourself stressed over not meeting deadlines?
  8. Are you making your To-Do list a priority?
  9. When taking on other tasks do you prioritize what to do first?
  10. Are you taking time for yourself?

  •  Look back over what you did yesterday and prioritize your day.Plan out your day for tomorrow. Come back and share what you were able to accomplish on your list. Try to stick to it and remember to prioritize

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