Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mark Gray - The Money Hunt - The Secrets of Attracting Capital

This is actually an article I started to write for publication. But I thought it was a good seminar for anyone to attend. Given the opportunity I'd like to see what this seminar offers. I'm definitely registering, this is a good chance to learn more about growing a business.

October 8, 2010/PRNewswire/Mark Gray author of "The Money Hunt - The Secret to Attracting Capital" announced  the second release of his book. The book release will begin with a kick-off "Free Tele-Seminar." Success Seminars will host the event on Monday November 1, 2010 9PM EST.

The program was updated for 2011, designed for CEOs, entrepreneurs or business owners seeking capital to start or grow a business or to buy an existing, cash-flow positive company. The series has been featured in The Wall Street Journal - Marketwatch, CNN, CNBC, and dozens more publications. Financial publications and sites say it's because the program works.

Gray has over 20 years of investment banking and completed over 300 million in equity transactions. Register for this FREE tele-seminar or for more information about "The Money Hunt - The Secret to Attracting Capital" visit us online at Gray Capital or contact the company via email at

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