Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Dream

Like most bloggers I want to be a writer or rather an author. A writer can be described as one who writes, so for me all bloggers are writers. But can I call myself an author, no because I'm not published. Though I have written stories on FB and had numerous followers. I also have had my own online column and my own byline on two different websites.

I usually tell people I'm a finance writer by career and just an all around writer by passion. My career worked out differently than I thought it would. From the time I was in seventh grade and went to visit "The Cleveland Plain Dealer" I knew I would work as a writer there and carry my own column. The closest I got was working in their credit union as a bank teller.

At 19 I was working with numbers, even in high school I had accounting/finance classes. I'm considered gifted with numbers hence working as an accountant and tax preparer for over 17 years. I began to hate seeing numbers. I mean really "HATE" them.

So last August pregnant with my 7th child I told my husband that I was quitting my job to work from home and write. Finally it was my time to pursue my dream and spend more time with our children.

Well it's been harder than I thought because it's nonfiction. You need to have an established platform and marketing plan before you even start to write. I'm finding this part a bit daunting. But I refuse to give up. I do work while I'm at home as a writer but again it's all business related, plus I have a part time job working at home.

So I rarely sleep between the kids,  work and getting things in order to make my book successful. I want these kids to know that you never give up on something you really want (long as it's legal).

But I need help getting organized and getting those goals down. I'm not as orderly as I'd like to be as I know this will help streamline things.