Friday, September 3, 2010

Creativity tips for writing

As a writer I know that sometimes we're stuck in that rut about what to write next. Creativity is a big part of the writing process. I want to inflict a piece of me into everything I write, I also want to know that someone can relate to what they've read. I've read some books that I honestly didn't like and that was just downright boring. However, what happens to be is that once I start a book I want to finish. I want to go through and find out what it is about their book that I just didn't like. I also take notes on the book, it helps me to learn better what to stay away from when I write. It keeps me focused.

I read and write quite frequently. We learn as much from reading as we do writing. How can I write if I don't read? Well, I could but honestly it wouldn't be very good.

You have to find that spark or that special something about you and put it into your writing. Whether you're writing a blog, a book or anything that will find an audience creativity is the key. People read just about anything that catches their interest. You have to pull them in, and once they're there you have to keep them entertained or seeking that something that only you can tell.

Here are some tips:

1.     Smile through your writing, when you reread does it bring out any emotion?
2.     Ask a question. Depending on the type of writing, does it strike a debate?
3.     Spice it up. Make them curious about what's happening next.
4.     Good sentence structures, do your words flow together?
5.     Use humor at appropriate times.
6.     Start with a good first paragraph, every skilled writer will tell you that your first paragraph is the key to getting them to read more.