Friday, September 24, 2010

Strategies for Time Management Free Workshop - Week of 10/4/2010

This is a 10-day segment I decided to put on for next week. We are all responsible for managing our time. Whether it's with getting our children to school, our homes organized, business or school. Making arrangements for our daily activities to minimize interference and remain on a task can be essential for productivity.

I've found that there are some technologies that can assist you in managing your time more effectively. At the same time, there are many strategies that have been used for years that remain effective.

I'm guilty of just going with the flow of my day. No real plan in sight and feeling as if at the end of the day I've accomplished very little if anything at all. So I've worked to develop this program to help with time management strategies. We'll evaluate your time management skills and preparations and manage your time more effectively.

As a mother of seven this is definitely something I needed to help make my day a successful one.

Here's an outline of what we'll cover:

 Day One - Procrastination
 Day Two - Why Wait for Perfection
 Day Three - Let' combine our activities
 Day Four - When you're away
 Day Five - Keeping to your schedule
 Day Six - Managing your time effectively
 Day Seven - It's Okay to Say No
 Day Eight - Making Use of Technology
 Day Nine - Managing your Social Networking Time
 Day Ten - Setting your Prime Time

We'll use Blog Frog to host the workshop. Click here to join the community.

Post the banner onto your blog. You can also tweet about it using #timemgmt