Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to pick a good agent...

Having a good agent is essential if you want to submit your work to large publishing houses. But what makes a good agent? That's what I wanted to find out. How do I know when the agent is working their hardest for my work. When I create something I'm giving it everything in order to make it successful. I want to feel as if I have someone who will represent me as best as possible. A lot of times this is hard with only meeting mostly by phone and with maybe a few lunches. But let's be honest we most likely won't live in the same area so I have to feel as if I'm valued by them from afar. In all fairness though we don't pick an agent they pick us, we just choose to accept or decline the offer. 

So here's my list:

1. A good agent should know your market and where best to pitch your book.

2. They will never ask for upfront payments.

3. They should have clientèle in a particular category. If they are representing writings of all kinds it shows me that they are lacking in specialties. 

4. They should be open to your questions and concerns. If they're hard to talk to then it may not be a good match.

5. They should let you see a client list if asked. If it's a new agent don't discount them because they may work extra hard for you in an effort to establish themselves.

6. They should not always be putting you off until later. I know everyone gets busy but when you can't get a call, email or letter in regards to your representation then something's definitely wrong.