Monday, October 18, 2010

Burlesque: Christina Aguilera and Cher Together on the Big Screen

In the upcoming Burlesque, Christina Aguilera plays a waitress named "Ali" who would love nothing better than to star as one of Tess's (Cher) showgirls at a Burlesque Night Club. With Christina's power voice and Cher's star quality this looks to be a worthy musical film. We'll get to watch Christina's acting debut and Cher back in front of the cameras.
The first time I saw this preview was last week at the movies for my birthday. I had to edge closer as the scenes began to unfold. From the beginning of the trailer, I was hooked. The love of a good musical was winning before hearing a note. Not to mention seeing Cher.
Originally, I thought the blond was a new actress, until she opened her mouth. Then I recognized the voice immediately as Christina Aguilera. One of my favorite singers of this new generation she has really proven her vocal talents. Watching her sing Whitney Houston's song "I have nothing" came to mind.
Christina Aguilera looked like a young school girl, and Cher didn't look a day over 40. The film brought back memories of Moulin Rouge and the video "Lady Marmalade." Though Burlesquefeels more mainstream, though I've only viewed a two-minute trailer.
We've had our share of singers turned actresses, and now it's Christina's turn. Fortunately, from what little I saw I can't complain. Maybe it's her years of being on the Mickey Mouse Club. I'm sure it's helped with Justin Timberlake's acting. They just have to remember what they've learned and build. Obviously, she's had some type of acting training. 
I'll stand in line to get tickets if that's what it takes. The last good musical movie I can remember isDream Girls. But this one seems a more upbeat and full of positive energy. If it's worth it, I'll pay to see it more than once too. Burlesque opens in theaters November 24.
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