Friday, October 15, 2010

Facebook and Bing Introduce Social Search

Facebook has found another use for the use of "like." Bing will integrate "like" data into their search engine database. When you use the search on Bing your results will show the best recommendations along with likes suggested by your Facebook's friends. The search tool will launch on Wednesday.
Now you can use Bing's profile search feature to find old friends or movies and other items liked on Facebook. As with most Facebook's applications you'll have to allow Bing to access your information. This will give them access to your information, so they can incorporate it into Bing's search feature. Facebook's found Mark Zimmerman stated, “This is just the beginning; there is going to be a whole lot more to come over time." 
Instead of asking a friend what they thought of a movie or restaurant you'll be able to find the answer on Bing. The results will range from the most popular choices to the least. This is only for Facebook users, those that aren't members on here or friends haven't opted in will see regular search results. 
One wonders how Google will respond if this catches on and more people start using Bing as a result. Social media have changed the way we make friends, conduct business and now use search engines. With the combination of search engine and social network marketing target markets will be even easier to reach.
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