Sunday, January 24, 2016

Review of Todder Pillow Case by Angel Baby

Ever wonder how to calm a rambunctious toddler? I mean you have the terrible twos through the time they are ready for school. My remedy has always been to find something that will soothe them. Well, I think this pillow case will definitely calm them down, at least it works for my son. However, he is partial to soft things and can often be found rubbing his blanket when he's sleepy. So it's no wonder he took to this pillow case.

This pillow case is so soft that I could use one for myself. The only problem is it's definitely too small  for me. My son has fallen asleep a little quicker just by laying on the pillow. Of course, I know it's not magic, but he really likes it and will just lay there holding his giraffe.

I received this pillow at no cost to review and provide an unbiased opinion. The pillow is made of 100% premium cotton percole with 400 thread count sateen weave.  #angelbaby

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