Friday, November 19, 2010

Sprayed in Face Right after Getting Hair Done

OH MY GOODNESS....I'd just finished getting my hair done for a television appearance later today. My husband had been at his barbershop with the plumbers getting the sinks installed and finishing up. I wanted to go and see what the shop looked like. So what do I do turn on the shampoo bowl and water splashed in my face and up against the left side of my head.

If you've followed this blog lately (I know, I know, the posts have been lagging.  Well, I'm back now!) you know that I've had the privilege of test driving a Chevy Traverse for Gotta Love Chevy NEO. Well, I've got an appearance on television, yes you heard right TELEVISION  and the left side of my head has no curls. It's just lying straight. I've got less than three hours to be ready, and I've absolutely no idea what to do. UGH

This is exactly what I get for always being so darn nosy. Immediately after getting sprayed in the face, my hubby conveniently tells me don't turn on the water, the pipes have to dry. Well, it's too late now. I'm already back here wringing the water out of my hair. This is one of those days that I wish I wore weaves or had me a fall to put on my head. What I wouldn't do for the convenience. Well see for yourself below what my hair looks like.

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