Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Time Licensed Driver At Age 36

We went out to Cheesecake Factory and all it did was rain. I am so grateful for blindside mirrors as it was quite busy in the parking lot and once again the rear view cameras proved to be an asset.  I guess I can reveal a little something about myself. I've went 36 years without a drivers license. I've actually been quite spoiled even with having seven children.

There is no place that my husband won't take me. Whenever I've had a need to go somewhere or do something he's always driven. Even when I worked outside the home he would pick me up and drop me off. I've always had the convenience of him taking care of me that I never felt a need to get my license. Well when I found out I would be a Chevy Girl On The Go I knew it was time to get my license. Now I know how to drive and I've had training so that wasn't an issue. I've been very proud of myself for this new step and so is my husband. I've basically been the chauffeur these past few days.

For the reasons mentioned above that's why I'm so thankful for all the extra safety features found on the Chevy Traverse. It's been really quite easy to drive and I haven't found myself nervous at all.

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