Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chevy Traverse and On Star are Life Savers

We found a deal online for three barber chairs somewhere in Westfield, Ohio. I had to talk my husband into going to see what they have to offer because he hates driving on the highway and prefers to stay to the streets. However, if we could get three barber chairs for the price of one it was definitely something to check out.

Well, we called and set up an appointment to meet them after we had lunch at Red Lobsters. They are having all you can eat shrimp, and I had a taste for their biscuits. So once we finished eating, we decided to use the phone to map our destination using Google Maps locations. But as usual for us our phones were dead, and we left the chargers at home.

Luckily, one of us remembered that the Chevy Traverse had On Star. But to be honest we had no idea how it worked. My husband said he would find the way just relax (that's when I really panicked.) Why do men think they always know the way, I mean I've known him 20 years and I "KNOW" he's never traveled to Westfield. Thank goodness for the lady who answered us on the intercom. She was so nice and help us out, and eventually we were on our way using the streets.

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